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„Transforming into success.“

Series production at Magnetbau Schramme

„Kleinserien - Großserien“

Teammeeting in the productions department of magnetbau schramme
canban production by Magnetbau Schramme
Worker in der Produktion bei Magnetbau Schramme
Team und Produkte bei Magnetbau Schramme

„0 Fehler. 100% richtig. Qualitätsversprechen.“


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Social Media

Yes, we are moving with the times.
At Schramme, we enjoy communicating and exchanging information via networks and social media channels. This gives online users as well as our customers and fans the opportunity to connect with us 24 hours a day. Social Media - Channels at Schramme for customers, suppliers and friends - Likes, Posts, Followers



The content on our social media channels is regularly updated and published by our marketing department. The new Schramme contents can be found on the following platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Xing (Facebook and Instagram are currently under construction). We are showing ourselves from a transparent and relaxed side. And, it doesn't play a role whether you are a customer or an employee.

Dear Online-Users, Customers, Suppliers,
Friends and employees.

We would appreciate, if you want a part of our growing Schramme fanbase and to attend as a friend in our online-community.


You find us on social media channels: 


Visit us on:

Schramme auf LinkedInVisit us on LinkedIn
This is where we present ourselves as a global player, an employer and a regional training apprenticing company.

Schramme auf PinterestBesuchen Sie uns auf Pinterest
Gehört zu unserem jüngsten Kanal. Hier pinnen wir im Laufe der Zeit alles rund um Schramme.

Schramme on TwitterVisit us on Twitter
Here, you'll find German and English publications of Schramme. Technical innovations, highlights, technical information, job offers, events, news as well as photos and video publications on our company.

Schramme on Xing Visit us on Xing
This is where we present ourselves as a global player, an employer and a regional training apprenticing company. Transparency is key here, so expect news, jobs, technical documents, photos and videos to be posted here.

Schramme on YoutubeWatch our latest Videos
This is where you will find technology videos, image films, trade show & event videos, customer reports and many other interesting clips and information from the Schramme business world.

Schramme on KununuVisit us on Kununu
On this platform, employees, former employees or applicants can express their honest opinion about our company and evaluate us, the Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG.